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Buy Kanjeevaram Saree Online In India

Around 400 years ago, in the little Tamil Nadu temple town of kanjeevaram, the weaving of kanjeevaram pure silk sarees began. The ancestors of Sage Markanda, who was revered as the Gods' chief weaver, produced the kanjeevaram sarees that are worn today.

kanjeevaram Pattu sarees are renowned for their richness and grandeur and are exquisitely created with lovely traditional patterns. kanjeevaram silk captivates every generation and conveys a feeling of royalty. 

The saree is elevated by its opulent weaving, plush material, vintage gloss, and ornate zari work.

Pure mulberry silk is used in weaving kanjeevaram silk sarees, commonly referred to as kanjeevaram silk sarees. While the gold and silver zari is made in Gujarat, the pure mulberry silk is from South India.

Types Of kanjeevaram Sarees

Original kanjeevaram sarees in various patterns, colors, and border styles are available at Aaritra Fashion. Each of our sarees is custom-made and has a distinctive weave. Choose from multiple kanjeevaram sarees from our most recent Pattu Saree collection.

kanjeevaram Brocade Saree  

Rich colors and intricate designs create exquisitely woven sarees from stunning gold and silver zari threads. The delicately woven zari designs enhance the silk saree's richness, elegance, and majesty.

kanjeevaram Jacquard Saree  

Put on a hint of extravagance. This variation's elaborately woven patterns will set you apart from the competition.

kanjeevaram Multicolour Checks 

kanjeevaram sarees' traditional checkered patterns make them the ideal festive option. With their multicolored checks, the kanjeevaram silks stand for grace, history, and beauty.

kanjeevaram Partly Pallu 

In specially woven designs known as the partial pallu range, the saree pleats, and pallu are incorporated in a hue distinct from the saree body but the same as the pallu. The sarees stand out and exhibit uniqueness.

kanjeevaram Half And Half

kanjeevaram's half-and-half saree is made of one shade, and the other half of the saree is made of a different shade. The sarees have a lovely, sophisticated, and modern appearance.

Aaritra Fashion: Buy kanjeevaram Sarees Online

Aaritra Fashion uses the highest quality silk and weaving sarees with opulent designs and patterns. The most stunning and distinctive collection of kanjeevaram newest Pattu sarees, woven with the finest zari work and ornamentation, can be found right here. 

Discover our collection of regal wedding Pattu sarees from kanjeevaram. The sarees are elaborately woven in vivid colors. We have beautifully handmade gold tissue sarees for your wedding day made of kanjeevaram silk. 

kanjeevaram silk has various stunning color combinations, including cream and red, lime green and pink, yellow and red, and black and red.