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Paithani saree

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Buy Paithani Sarees Online In India

At a Marathi wedding, a bride must wear a Paithani silk saree. With a history of more than 2000 years, this regal saree was a staple of women's clothing during the Mughal, Nizam, and Maratha empires. 

The Paithani is entirely handmade and is hand woven with such accuracy that patterns appear to be inlaid in the material.

Its other name, the kathpadar saree, emphasizes its two main parts: the border, woven with pure zari, and the decorative edge.

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Aaritra Fashion's Paithani Sarees

When it comes to traditional soirees, sarees are unofficial clothing. They are breathtakingly lovely, each with its charm, so why shouldn't they be? They have changed over time, paving the way for various modern styles to suit the evolving preferences of future wearers. 

They are also one of the most attractive traditional clothes. The saree highlights the wearer's best features and covers any imperfections. Finding the perfect clothing can be difficult, but it is by no means impossible.

Personify Elegance By Being It

The Indian town of Aurangabad is where Paithani sarees get their name. One of the most opulent saree designs, it is a favorite among Indian women for many unique occasions. 

It is constructed from the finest silk and has highly detailed golden and silver threadwork. The most sought-after Paithani sarees feature a distinctive kaleidoscope appearance created by a unique weaving method utilizing threads of two colors. 

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Buy Paithani Sarees Online On Aaritra Fashion

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